Call for Comments

One of the objectives of the ReNeuIR workshop is to promote a holistic evaluation and a sustainable development of models in neural information retrieval (NIR), noting that efficacy matters but so do the computational and environmental costs incurred to achieve it. In particular, we draw attention to the lessons learnt from past information retrieval studies and encourage a multi-faceted evaluation of NIR models from quality to efficiency, and the design of reusable benchmarks and standardized metrics.

To that end, the workshop will hold a panel discussion to allow participants to brainstorm ideas and help set a new research agenda in this space. The goal of this discussion is to find relevant, formal, and measurable targets to include in our collective research agenda for the next year. To facilitate a meaningful conversation, we seek comments, ideas, and proposals from the community prior to the date of the workshop. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on the following and related questions:

Please send us a note at reneuir2022 [at] easychair [dot] org with comments, ideas, and questions. We will invite contributors to join us as co-authors of a SIGIR Forum submission later in the year.